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Originally Posted by MauiNate View Post
That's not the pilot, that's the cameraman taking his eyes off the copter. The pilot never looks away. If you are going to throw somebody under the bus publicly, at least get the story right...

Plus, if you dig a little bit, they obviously have done test flights at the stadium when it was empty, they say that they are insured, have hundreds of filming hours, and they fly with the best equipment that money can buy. They also mostly kept the copter away from the crowds and flew over the infield. Their footage was not bad (better than most) and they took at least as many safety measures as a full size aircraft would have taken flying over a stadium full of people...

I'm not sure what you are saying about how not to run an AP business..

Good Equipment? Check.
Liability Insurance? Check.
Flying at site before the event? Check.
Staying not directly overhead of bystanders? Check.
Experience? Check.

Flying is always risky. I think they deserve some kudos for doing it as well as they did. The only possible negative about the entire thing is that true "amateures" would watch the video and think its easy and try to replicate it with cheap chinese junk and a gopro...

Here is a tiny bit about their equipment on their website:

Meet our copter, Artemis. We combined today’s most innovative technologies into an eight rotor masterpiece. This machine has been optimized for stability and control while flying under the weight of our ‘state of the art camera system’. Electronic controls reduce noise for close-range flights, and vibration reduction technologies create cinematic quality video. Our Flight Operations team is composed of two professionals; a flight controller and camera operator. Hundreds of hours flying together make for unparalleled cooperation. Beat Copter Aerial is fully insured, our equipment is tested daily, and additional safety measures are considered before ALL flights.

And they are at a baseball stadium , a sport where the object is to beam 6 ounce hard spheres into the crowd leaving the bat at 120mph..
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