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Finishing up the wing

OK, back from vacation and I have to tell you, I was put off for a little, all the B.S. that Sleazy Tiger has on his truth website just got me mad and I didn't feel like touching the planes, but now, I can't help but laugh of how he talks to himself.

Background check, one more time. I begged Robert to get me a Sniper XL so that I could build it my way, the instructions provided are fine, but everyone has their own version of how things should work, I been building Jets since 1992 but a lot of other people have more experinece than I. As an example of my style, I decided to put the servos at 90 degrees to the flying surface by making new servo pockets and moving the servos. This reduces the binding that can cause a clevice to come off or break, but it also produces less wear or stress on the servo. I say this to make sure everyone understands that this is not a modified or fixed kit from HET but the same one everyone else got. I can provide for Sleazy or anyone interested a copy of the two PayPal Transactions to pay for the plane. Since this thread is also so large, I will include a duplicate in my blog here very soon.

Servos for the wing: For the aileron, I just cut out the corners as marked on the picture to make sure I had a servo box that was 90 Degree's to the Trailing edge of the plane. For the flaps, I cut out new servo pockets and made sure the servos will be at equal distance from the center of the wing.

Horizontal Stab: Clay (Racer1) builds UAV's as his day job for an aerospace firm, so I will just say he has the experience and knowledge to fix or design model aircraft. He changed up the stab just like the one he had made for HET, I have not gotten far enough in the build to install it on the plane, but this will be a Turbo mode weekend for building.

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