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How Does This Happen??? :(

Well my TS2 Disser is about a week and a half old now. After a pretty darn clean, and well done build.

Recently I have been practicing good form, and today my wing almost snapped in half. In the middle of a 50-60% power throw (not even trying to thermal, literally WORKING ON FORM) and I hear a HUGE CRAAAAACK. First thing I did was look up at the plane (now about 70 feet high) and both wings were still there, So I decided it must have been the blade ripping out, not too big of a deal. Then I realized I had very little aileron input. I brought her down ASAP. Upon landing I looked over the plane and was shocked as there was no "instantly noticeable" damage. Then I started to look closer. My joint was okay... Everything looked good, so what could it be? and why doesn't my right aileron move? Then I found it. The wing delaminated on top and bottom, and I believe the foam is broken in half as well. The wing is now as flexable as a wet noodle, which is why I believe it is MORE than jst delaminated. Also if you look from the aileron hinge you can see what appears to be the start, or end, of a crack in the foam.

Now I have a couple questions.

WHY? I have not once had a landing where the wingtips hit the ground until it was at a DEAD stop. Most of my landing have been catches anyways.
The Pictures are hard to see but I will post them anyways...

How? I figured if it were to fail it would fail at a weak point like my joint, but sure enough it isnt my craftsmanship at all that failed....

What? Should I do about this? I mean I guess I can use a needle and inject the large crack with epoxy, then try to re adhere the skin to the foam... But why? Why the hell do I have to do that on a brand spankin new DLG?

No matter how cleanly I do this repair it will never be strong again, and it sure as hell wont have that new finish... Especially since the whole damn chord (all the way around) is rinkled and rippled.

These pictures dont do it justice, but here you go. Let me know if I need to circle or highlight the broken areas, but if you blow up the pic I believe its obvious... and of course you still cant tell the extent of the dammage as you aren't holding the Floppy noodle in your hand.

I am extremely Upset.... As I have treated this bird like my baby.... It would be one thing if it were something I did... But its not, at all....

Oh and before I forget, I am right handed, I throw with my right hand, and this happened on the right wing, not the left in which my peg is in....
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