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Originally Posted by MARCOELDRAGON View Post
Growl! Very slow moving thunderstorm keeping me from getting any test flights done. Got the attempted heat treating on the bend your own gear done. Heated up each side till it just started to glow and quickly quenched in cold water. It does seem to be a touch stiffer. Will test those this weekend after I'm sure I have the power issue sorted out. Still need to get the graphics theK2 sent me installed on my new wings. New as in I have been flying the last 85 flights on the slightly beat up wings from my second Edge. About time I got the servos in the new ones. If I ever get the motor box job done in my second fuselage that will give me a complete spare aircraft.
Some pretty vicious storms ripped through here late yesterday evening. But after it passed I couldn't resist flying my little Slick out in front of my house. Had I not just recorded a video the other day I would've recorded this one because it was a pretty sweet backdrop! There were MAJOR lightning flashes going off in the distance throughout the whole flight. Pretty sweet!!

I also did a tail dunk in that large mud puddle... pretty cool but it got my heart racing!! The last thing I wanted to do was wade out into the thing to retrieve my plane!!
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