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It Just Came!

Hey Bill and fellow users,

Just received it today, and with the help of the manual and this RCGroups thread, it installed fairly easily. I set it up in a Tribute 3DX with dual aileron servos using a Spektrum DX8. Primary aileron is the right-wing driven by channel 2. Secondary aileron is the left-wing driven by channel 6. It all went together pretty quickly and all surfaces are responding to stick inputs correctly and the surfaces are all going in the right directions in response to disturbances.

I have two problems/questions. First, the ch 2 aileron responds to stick inputs with deflections 3-times greater than ch 6. The same goes for its response to external disturbances that it is trying to correct for. Second, the rudder responds to stick commands as expected, but its response to induced yaw is almost imperceptible. I guess what I am trying to express is that gyro response to pitch and to roll perturbations is as expected but not symmetrical for ailerons, while response to yaw is miniscule.

Thanks for your patience and guidance,
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