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Originally Posted by Freddie B View Post
... BTW, is there a bit of sarcasim in the "my models now take 3 times as long" and "Now I too need a vacuum forming table "-- remarks?
Thanks, Freddie B! Nope -- no sarcasm at all! I should have been in the air with the 70mm T-bird model 2 weeks ago! The finishing, and sanding, and painting are what has been holding me up! All of which I learned from you! Once I put on your "Secret Sauce" (which isn't so secret) - the model has bocome so smooth - doesn't look like foam anymore. My sons are well out of the baby stage but I'm still in the baby aisle picking up talcum based baby powder - and boy do my models smell great! ...Then I had to have nice decals to match the finish - so I had to find images and alter them on the computer so I could print them out...I also went out and bought an airbrush with a 50%off coupon from Michaels!!! I still need to get a compressor though - they were a bit "pricey-er" than expected -- so I used paintbrushes and acryllic pens for the trim.

Now... I've been on the lookout for plastic bottles - so I can add a "glass" canopy... If I made your vac table, this would not be an issue at all!

Your methods, and countless others as well, have definitely taken my scratchbuilds to the next level. This is by far one of the best learning communities I have ever been a part of. I've gotten soooo much from these boards that I am always eager to give's just delayed a bit now because it takes me forever to "finish" a model!
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