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As far as I can tell, with a 3 channel plane, one can only directly control 2 of the 3 axes. So if you wanted to stabilize the aileron and rudder (roll and yaw axes), you will need to leave out stabilizing elevator (pitch axis). So some axis that the Guardian 3D is meant to control will get left out.
Guard 2D/3D will in fact control all three of these flight controls. Long ago I posted numerious post of me flying my Lil Banchee with Guardian in both 2D and 3D modes. It has Ail., Evevator,Rudder and Throttle which Guard. does not contriol.

FYI Unit I preordered on MArch 15 arrived today ,ones I preordered on Apr.6 are on the way.

Good explanation of Trans. controled gain settings here
I worded it "wrongly": Guardian 2D/3D will try to control all 3 axes, but in a 3 channel elevon plane (2 control surface servos), 1 of the axes that Guardian controls will not have any servo to connect to, so Guardian will do the calculations, but as far as I can tell, Guardian has no servo/control surface to move to make the corrections in that axis.
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