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Originally Posted by sss34 View Post
So what is thebest way to fix the wing (breacking) problem?? by the way i will need to dismantel the wins in order to transport them.
Its a little early to suggest the "best" way.

1. The front mount needs to be glued in securely. For a lot of us this mount fell out in the first couple of flights
2. The pin lock in setup design of the front mount is very weak. Which is only a small rod mounted in a let than durable plastic mount has the entire leverage length of one wing pitted against it on landing. I didnt want to glue the wings together, so I've used cloth tape to tie the front wing joints together fairly securely. The wing can still be removed easily. Its just one piece now.
3. Land on a field free of all obstructions that may catch the wings.
4. Bleed off speed before ground contact. Thats not as easy as it sounds with this aircraft. Some have reported success with a flaperon/elev mix for braking.
5. Some people have fitted a variety of skids with a hope of reducing landing stress on the wing joint.

Thats the best summary I can offer at this point. I guess the project will evolve with mods over the next couple of months. I just hope Hobbyking release the spares soon, because a lot of $140 Zephyrs will be grounded waiting for wings in the very near future. The front wing joint is a terminal flaw for this otherwise great aircraft.

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