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Originally Posted by FLAME747 View Post
Let's see some install pics, or I will be installing this in ______


Aero65 - Where you able to do additional testing in 3D head holding mode
Hi Flame 747

The Base was nice and let us fly on the 4th!

I was able to get some video of the MB339 turbine flying in 2D and 3D modes. Did not have time to upload the videos yet.

Some quick comments on flying.
2D was as expected, tried 2 landings with it on. It does a good job of holding wings level, wind was down the runway so it will be interesting when I can test in a cross wind.

3D HH was pretty cool, at high rates like 100% it was very easy to do 4 point rolls just bang the aileron stick, no need to compensate for rudder or elevator. During high speed flight you have to be careful to watch level flight as the plane pretty much goes where you point it. You also have to be very smooth with inputs as it can look notchy if you correct quickly with the elevator.
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