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Originally Posted by sparks59 View Post
I always reckoned the Mars was a standard high wing cabin model that someone grafted in a smaller wing that was laying around, as an experiment. It's the sort of thing that I know I would do... don't even try to work out how my mind works..
See what you mean Sparks (my mind is probably as twisted as yours!) but I suspect not in this case, as Cyril Shaw and Ron Warring were responsible for the Starflite series and I suspect these two pretty talented designers probably worked from scratch. However, what you suggest was not unknown, there was a model called the "Phony Tony" which, I think held the British biplane rubber duration record at one time, which was, I am sure, created in just that way. Also I recall that when Ken Willard set out to break the Russian held radio control duration record with his "Breathless" design, in order to comply with wing loading regulations when the model was loaded with fuel for hours of flying, he added a bottom wing to the high wing monoplane. He then discovered that it wouldn't fly as the drag of the wing was greater than the lift it was contributing. So he worked out the minimum extra area required to comply with the loading rules and built a small wing, thus transforming the model into a sesquiplane, this worked and he broke the record (which, considering he was using rubber powered escapements giving rudder, elevator and motor control from just a single channel - one button - Tx, was a considerable feat I think).
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