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Originally Posted by thorsail View Post
the triangular sail set above the main gaff is called a "topsail"
I do not believe there is anything called a "yawl sail"
a yawl rig is a two masted sloop, by definition when the mizzen mast is aft of the
rudder post it's a yawl.if the mizzen is fore of the rudder post it's a ketch rig.
yawl or ketch, they set a triangular "mainsail" and that spar can be used to
also hoist a staysail or even a mizzen spinnaker.
I don't think a topsail will help in maneuvering at all, since a sloop rig ought to
tack efficiently through the wind without it. Racing or cruising a topsail will give
you speed ,especially in lighter winds.
Hello and... Sorry for the rigth name of the sail : i'm french and in french this sail is calling "flèche" or "grand flèche". It's difficult to learn the name of any part of a yacht in french, but in other language is ... !!!!

In fact, on a Youpi, the "top sail" is ok from 0 to 3 bft, when the wind is up, we down this sail. The effect on the boat : the center of sail plan back a little, but i can cruise... Some pictures for illustration :

When the wind is slow :

Whe the wind is "strong" :
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