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Made a couple more flights tonight, longest hover was 12 / 15 seconds, flew it into the apple tree inverted ( I was distracted by laughter ), and it ejected the battery twice. Glides really nice and flat with less weight.

I think I might make a new horn for the aileron servo and get a little differental just for test. Oh ya, if you all remember the pics with the sheet of balsa under the plane during the build, I ended up with 1/8th inch dihiedral under each tip and while flying it really slow in a normal attitude, ie: like a trainer, it is really stable. Would I do it again ?? mabe, we will se how the kid's plane flys stock.

I did look further into the prop wobble thing, and the hub is not cast centered, was able to measure the difference at ten-thousands of an inch, so total wobble is .020". You can see the offset of the hub just by looking at it, and I got 3 props that are the same. My old GWS 8x4DD prop is dead nuts centered, so I bored out a 8x4.3 GWS slofly prop and flew it until I can get new props.

Great plane !!
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