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Originally Posted by A VIKING View Post
This is what I have for RX settings:

When I recieved the ship the AILE was max positive and I thought that was wrong but after resetting to 12:00 and flying and making corrections to reduce the shaking, I ended up back at max positive.
Again not a huge issue with me but it is a curiosity. If I could correct it I would, just because.

I was hopeing one of you guy's had seen it before.
Oh yes, the v450 wobble is infamous. I read and saw videos of it before i got my heli. Are you using the stock servos right now? If so, thats crazy because I could not turn my gains to max with these servos without the helicopter turning into a flapjack and trying to take off into the air after bind up, like thwaitm described also. I have to keep them below 12:00. But thats all a thing of the past. The new servos shipped and are all on their way. Hopefully before the weekend.

I'm afraid, i don't know what could be causing your issue. I can only speculate: How tight are your blades? Have you checked your blade grip's thrust bearings lately? Have you checked blade balance and tracking?
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