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Originally Posted by hidaven View Post
thats really odd, the selling info on this camera states that its supposed to record a full 4gb before restarting. this 30mb segments is stupid and shouldnt even be allowed in the camera. Who in Gods name would want a 20 second clip?????? Please see if you can contact your connection and get them to get a FW update asap. Otherwise this was money flushed IMO and the orig. was a better choice. Sorry for the attitude here but for 50.00 I expect more.

By the way, i did check and theres just the one FW for the 808 #11 V2 and it doesnt pertain to extended recording times. Is it a bad idea to use a V1 FW? If not I advise everyone to save your money until a logical fix emerges

Lastly, this cam is saving the files in .AVI format and not MOV.
Well first, I'm not the complaint department for this camera! I only started and try to maintain this thread as a resource for others, so if you have suggestions for the developer, the best way is to make it known to your vendor. They work very closely with the developer. Since I don't have the new camera version, I can't really support the camera or questions like this anymore.

I don't know what the FW clip length or output format should be for the one firmware that is available for the new camera. But you are right about the very brief recording time... I answered your first post while travelling and did not correlate the recording time with the file size. The FW does limit the individual clip length, but I have no idea what it is with the new camera since I don't have the new version. It could be anywhere from 5 min. to 70+ min. There is a 4GB file size limit with the FAT32 file system, but I don't know if the new camera can stop/save/continue recording if it waits until the file size limit is reached (earlier versions could not). Of course, you'd need an external power source and larger capacity memory card for that to be of any advantage, too.

And YES, using version 1 camera firmware in the version 2 camera is definitely a bad idea as I clearly stated in bolded red type in the firmware download page.

FWIW, the #18 is also made by the same developer and is essentially the same main internal circuit components as the #11 except it has implemented the GPU video-out capability. With the #18, some very short recordings similar to what you described have been reported by a few people, and it's been reported that formatting the memory card with 32k allocation blocks has resolved the problem. You may be the first to find and report a similar issue with the #11! Apparently it's only a problem with certain memory cards.

Good luck!
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