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New Product
## mMWC shield - 5 USD stabilizing system for airplane and delta wings


### PRICE DROP ####
price including worldwide shipping:
1 board: 5 USD
2 boards: 8 USD

each board comes with blue SMD-LED, Resistor and BT-FC-Adapter

Note, that with mMWC you get a stabilisation unit for your airplane or deltawing for less than 30 USD. (8 USD for one mMWC, 10 USD for a arduino pro mini, 10 USD for the MPU6050 combined ACC/Gyro sensor IMU).

The multiwii-project recently (since version MultiWii 2.1) supports also stabilisation for airplanes and wings.
Recognized that and being quite happy with multiwii on my multicopters, I also wanted to add sensors to a small 80cm wingspan airplane.
The fuselage on that plane is actually too narrow for a normal multiwii-controller.

So, why not simply create a PBC that is optimized exactly for that purpose?

Resulting from that idea I created the mMWC-shield (mini Multi Wii Controller Shield).
It measures 30x35mm, is tailored for taking a Arduino Pro Mini 5V.
The I2C connectors are prepared to easily adapt a cheap MPU6050 IMU (less than 10 USD at or ~13 USD from ebay).

So in total a rather cheap solution to add Gyro/ACC-stabilisation to an airplane.

MultiWii 2.1 allows to configure AUX-inputs (mMWC provides AUX1 and AUX2).
by means of those the mMWC provides:
- pass through mode (no stabilisation)
- Gyro only (acro-mode), i.e. the plane will keep the actual orientation automatically
- ACC + Gyro (auto-level mode), the plane will get rock solid even in wind, optimal for FPV usage

As I wanted to have even also bluetooth straight on the plane for convenient configuration changes, i.e. PID finetuning I further did a tiny adapter PBC to get a serial bluetooth adapter also connected to the shield optionally.

In total the device looks like a funny PBC sandwich, but imho a quite cheap alternative to commercial products.

some pictures:

Update 22.10.2012:
Luca from italy shares a FPV-video with us showing the mMWC in action.
Originally Posted by gtrick90 View Post
One word: AWESOME!
Just a little PID tuning (on the bench) and go!!
The plane seems like on rails (GYRO mode) and when switch to ACC mode the plane levels itself nicely.
The plane is the Eaglewing (it's not the best plane around) but with the multiwii it seems like a composite plane (precision, stability and so on)
I've made the test flights in a gusty wind conditions, but the plane was rock solid!
MultiWii Aero mode - nMWC shield (6 min 30 sec)

Raptor FPV with MultiWii (mMWC shield) - Dynamic PID attenuation test (5 min 59 sec)

Update (16. August 2012): published new version of the HowTo manual (V1.1) describing fine tuning and optimization, how to get a bluetooth serial adapter working together with mMWC, how to use mMWC for delta wings.

Update (7. August 2012): a few people asked for a description about how to build mMWC and setup multiWii environment properly for airplane use with mMWC.
I have created a HowTo manual. I hope this answers most of the questions

Update (2. August 2012): Since the few prototypes have been sold out quickly, I produced a new series.
Now the board comes in nice cool blue and is only 1mm thin anymore.
The weight of the board only is 2gram and together with header pins, arduino pro mini and MPU6050 it is as light as 8grams.

Boards are available now for 5 USD 8 USD 9.50 USD (7.5 EUR) incl. worldwide shipping.
each board comes together with
- blue SMD-LED
- suitable SMD resistor (both can be used optionally).
- mini bluetooth-to-FC adapter board (adds optionally bluetooth for convenient parameter configuration, sensor calibration, etc. through your smart phone)

If buying 2 boards, price will be 8 USD 13 USD15 USD (13 EUR) incl. shipping.

just send a PM if you are interested.

greetings from vienna,
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