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Worked more on it today, got the motor mounted and the rest of the stuff, reciever, ESC, ect. final weight with a 600 mah 2 cell was 226 grams / 8.03 ounces. Went outside between rain squalls and big down drafts and gave it a toss....It FLYS !! Nice bird in the wind, going backwards and down with the nose pointing up at 30 degrees was interesting. Loops are pivoted at the C of G. and it keeps rolling down to a walk. Flat turns are insane, now I got to learn how to hover.

During set up, I had to remove the aileron horn and move the linkage inboard a little, so I am glad that I gave a little thought to linkage set up. I was able to roll the servo horn foward and off the wires, then remove the wires from the aileron horns and adjust both to shorten the overal length of the linkage. See the pics for examples. Will get a video in a day or so when the weather calms down.

Thanks Kevin for your time in developing and R&D work on this plane, everything about the kit and the thought of design was apparent all during the build. The red kit that arrived went home with the new owner today, and we will have another build session first part of the week, and my son wants to finish his too.

I hope I did not bore some of you to tears with all my little details during the build, but I was hoping to reach some readers that might have been holding back from venturing into this aspect of the hobby, so thanks for staying with me.
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