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I have the Esky Lama 400D setup for FPV. And have noticed when you start adding weight to it, it doesn't behave well and the motors heat up excessively. Total weight added is ~50 grams with camera, power filter and video transmitter. I would take photos, but the helicopter quite literally self-destructed mid flight (threw a rotor blade) and turned into a mangled mess. So I now know I need those upgraded blades. I am assuming the blade upgrades in the first post will work.

A few questions:

1. How can I stabilize the helicpoter better with the added weight. I am assuming it should balance right at the main shaft.
2. The tail peices in the back - do they do anything? I know the one stabilizer keeps the tail from striking the ground but the others seem pointless.
3. Is there a better set of motors that won't heat up so much? Currently it is using the stock 390 motors.
4. Will the blade upgrade in the first post work with my helicopter?


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