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i understand what you are saying and i know you feel you have been burned in the past. I also know there are many others that feel the same way you do from the past.

I can say for the year i have used their products they work as advertised (with the exception of some bugs, which all companies have)

I can also say that I have never dealt with a company that has been more upfront with their firmware updates and problems associated with their products.

When comparing them to the other major flight controller companies in the industry they are way more upfront with their issues.

I have seen, over and over again, where are customer identifies a problem with the firmware and the HF team looks into it and then releases a new firmware beta that addresses the issue.

I have never seen the competition in this industry do this for one single customer.

many others in this industry are closed off, never release what is in their firmware updates other than some generalizations, and blame users rather than help them get their product working.

Can you call the competition and get support from a real person ?

You cynicism seems to be from the past and I cannot comment on the past, only my own experiences from the present.

still..... you are slandering HF based on nothing...

it would be different if you had proof that it didnt work, but you are saying it doesnt work because there is no proof that it does work..... IMO that is not a fair criticism.

Dont buy it since they are not showing you what you want.... but trying to "warn others" is an attempt to hid you own feelings about the company.
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