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After the mail arrived, I went back to business. Starting with the plywood motor mount ( 3.1 grams), I enlarged the hole a little, marked lines on the body and the mount, and glued it on. The 4 foam pie shaped braces ( 2 tenths of a gram) were colored black on the sides and part way down the foward face, then installed. I recommend installing these with the glue wet to get a good position, then come back in 10 minutes and re-press into place.

The long, and not quite so long carbon rods ( 2.5 grams for both) are used for the rudder and elevator push rods. I made up the Z-bends, shrink tubes, and the all important, and often forgotten, pushrod guides, and got all of that mounted. there are lots of ways to do this step, and there is good advice on the PDF instructions. I did mount the carbon rods in such a way that the carbon rod is below the wire at each end of all of the pushrods. Think of the number 8 with a small circle ( the wire ) at the top, and a big circle ( the carbon rod ) at the bottom, then placed the heat shrink tube over the joint. The rudder pushrod is supported by the 2 guide plates mounted at 1/3 and 2/3rds rod length, with the foward plate inserted into the horizontal fuse, and the rear guide is inserted in the verticle fuse. On the elevator guide plates, both are inserted into the horizontal fuse. Try and keep the pushrods straight when installing the guides.

At this point, the plane weighs 5 1/4 ounces, and I still have a 1/4 tube of glue left including what was used to get the yellow one to the point of having all of the lower carbon bracing installed. Servos were secured with one drop of glue under each mounting tab...plenty good enough.
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