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Originally Posted by Raycamaro View Post
After being plugged in a while, the red light goes out so it appears the battery is charging.
The charging circuitry is independent from the firmware, so if the charging circuitry works, it doesn't mean the camera itself works.

You didn't mention if you have an "old" or a "new" style #11. If you have the new style, perhaps the CMOS lens assembly is not making proper contact in the connector. I suggest you remove the battery and remove and reinsert the lens assembly. I don't have the new #11, but believe it has a removable CMOS lens assembly (like the #16). If not, then my reply is incorrect.

I would also check that the two crystals (those two metal "cans") have not been bent by the crash. They should not be making contact with any nearby components.

If not already done, I would definitely disconnect the battery for a few seconds and press the reset button. Swapping batteries wouldn't do any harm either.

You may also be able to evaluate if the firmware is running at all by trying to set the date and time. If the file disappears after you set the date, then the firmware is running. In my experience, a dead #11 is, in most cases, due to problems with the CMOS lens assembly. If you have an "old" #11 with the soldered assembly, then you are out of luck. I don't think you'll be able to find a suitable replacement.
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