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Originally Posted by saltyzoo View Post
Unless the H1B applicant has something I don't, they won't go to the trouble of "fixing the game". Working with H1B's is a nightmare and costs them quite a bit of money.

If you want to blame somebody blame the lawyers that created and sustain EOE, that has far more to do with it than anything else.
They have something you don't. They live in a 400 sq. foot apartment with 22 other immigrants and they sleep on a piece of carpet that they rool up in the morning to make space for someone else. They don't drive a car or pay insurance or tip or pay for healthcare or do any of the other stuff that you do.They also have blatant disregard for laws and they don't care because this is not their country.

Even for the ones who finally become citizens, it won't be "their country", ever, as far as they are concerned. They will stick to whatever culture they grew up with ans all the time wish that America was "just like home", except for the complete lack of opportunity, of course. Funny how the two are related.
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