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Originally Posted by Kawi View Post
I just downloaded the advanced 450 from the spektrum website and I am having the same issue as with the intermediate settings. I have no punch, it especially is a problem when landing, if I'm coming in a bit too fast I can't slow it down at all, it always bounces. It's the main reason I haven't removed the training gear, each time I fly it I see that if I didn't have the training gear that bounce would have been an impact. I have no problems flying it, it's just there is no power on demand. Is there a setting for this somewhere?

Also I had to almost max out the trims for right bank and forward in order to get it to hover almost hands off. Should I adjust the servo arm length or should I move the servo horn instead?

I don't know if you having the same problem I did or not but it sounds similar. Make sure your servo arms are parallel to the swash. When I pulled mine from the box and bound my dx8 I didn't have any pos collective pitch, or atleast very little. What the problem was is that the sub trims needed to be pulled back to get the swash at 0 pitch. As it was I had a bout 3-5 degrees neg pitch at center stick. A pitch gauge found the problem for me but if I had known what to look for I would have seen my servos all at a 20 degree angle and pushing the swash up. Hope that helps at least a little.
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