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Watcha guys think on my new super cub wheels. Thought n comments plz

Well awhile back I ditched the stock wheels and got a set of 3" wheels from the LHS and when I did that I put a stock front wheel on the back. And man this made a huge improvement. But still was hard to taxi in taller grass.
So today I was flying her when all of a sudden I see something black floating off the plane and to who knows where on the ground, all of a sudden the plane became harder to control. Brought her closer and to my horror it was one of the front wheels lol. So did what I could to land her but it wasn't pretty although no damage minus a cracked up nose cone. So this got me thinking now I have only one larger wheel, so what to do with it. Welp went to playing with the back landing gear rod to try to get more clearance, well it snapped lol. SO I removed it, took a metal coat hanger made the hole bigger and stuck it in place. After some bending and fabbing this is the end result. I may do the same wheels on the front or go larger, haven't decided yet. No flight yet due to not having front wheels. But I imagine she should do very well landing in grass, concrete may be bouncy not sure yet. Thoughts?

And yes my plane is beat to hell and back, but we have had some very good times and I'm still a very new pilot. I make mistakes trying to get daring sometimes it goes well others not so much hahahaha. Eventually I will buy a new fuselage as I imagine all the tape and epoxy is majorly weighing it down.

Picture with stock wheel in the rim haha

Pic with stock rear tire stock front tire(which was in the back) and 3" tire
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