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Hi CaptJac

Well, you have another happy student, albeit with a bit of lateral thinking.
The story so far.
I have an HK 450 ver2, which has always been a sweet flier, but suffered from the common problem of vague pitch control, especially in a breeze. That's when I came across your thread and decided to give it a try.
Initially, I used your pitch settings of -2,+3,+7.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I could not get on with these, the model barely being able to lift off.
Anyway, then I had a bit of an accident, not because of the settings, more my complacency, which put it out of commission for a while.
After repairing that lot, I gave it a test flight using my standard settings of:
Pitch -2,+2+5,+7+10
Throttle 0,40,70,85,100.
Found it had not lost it's handling qualities, if fact, gained a few, of which more later.
After that, time to re-visit the CaptJac Academy of Heli Setting.
Decided to go along with the ideas you suggest, but using my known pitch settings. So set up a -2,+5,+10 on Idle Up, with a flat 70% on the throttle curve.
For Normal I went with
-2,+2,+2,+2,+2 on pitch
0,50,70,70,70 on throttle.
I set the low intermediate at 50% because I felt that 0 to 70% in one jump might be a bit harsh.
I also reset the throttle hold curve to match the idle up.
The wind and rain finally subsided enough to give me a short window for a test.
Initial impressions are, major improvement.
As expected, much easier to maintain a steady height in the hover, but also improved pitch response all round.
Although the wind had died down, it was still a little blustery. In the past, when hit by a gust, it would be almost on the deck before I could catch it, now the pitch response is almost instantaneous.
Much more fun to fly.
Another unexpected benefit was this. I only have a cheap gyro fitted. Despite playing with gain settings, I was never able to cure a tail kick when adding pitch. Nothing serious, just annoying.
Anyway, that is now gone. Tail held steady, whatever I did. In fact, tried some quite serious pitch pumps, and felt more comfortable with them than ever before.
So, what next?
Now that I know it's not going to do anything strange, next step is to bump up the Idle Up throttle to 75%, or possibly 80% flat across.
I would expect the pitch response to be even sharper at these levels, so moving in the right direction.
I also have an HK 450 Pro, which, in its standard, flies even better than my V2. Might be another candidate for the CJ treatment.
That's it so far. Still work in progress, but big thanks to CaptJac for starting this thread.

Have fun

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