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I like real wooden aeroplanes!
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Really nice looking tail surfaces Colonel. Personally I wouldn't worry about lightening holes in the elevator on this one, although they are a good "posing aid"! If you need to do them in future, apart from spending large sums on "Softbore" (TM) tools, the best way is to forget any kind of drill bits and use a piece of 3/8" or 1/2" thin wall brass or dural tube, file the end into "teeth" and sharpen on the inside with a round back file. Drill the opposite end and insert a dowel "T" bar and use it in a twisting motion with the component held down firmly on, ideally, a self-healing cutting mat or other firm surface. A gentle clean up with a sandpaper wrapped dowel completes the job. Works a treat, it's all I ever use and I am addicted to posing - sorry - lightening holes! Mine is dural tube - see below which shows my "tool" with a Tom Tit X2 elevator.
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