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Another looking to upgrade radio question


I've been reading up on radios quite a bit and at some point in the near future, want to upgrade. I currently have a DX4e that came with my Super Cub and while that works fine for the Cub and would work fine for a few other planes, I want to get some additional functionality and more channels, as I have an F-35 EDF waiting in the wings and probably other planes to follow.

I'm obviously fairly new to the hobby, but I'm torn between making a modest upgrade (say, a DX6i) or go for an 8/9 channel radio (DX8 or Aurora 9). Here are some requirements:

1. I see myself upgrading to twin motor EDF jets at some point in the next couple of years. As I mentioned above, I've already purchased an F-35 airframe and have the components to install to make it airworthy, but I am holding off and taking my time with the Cub to learn more and I'll likely scratch build a fairly disposable foam jet-trainer to use to train on EDFs before I go with the F-35 and others.
2. I will likely obtain a helicopter and glider/sail plane at some point.
3. The radio must allow for flaperon/spoileron and elevon programming. I would assume that this also means that the radio would allow the programming to reverse servos on individual channels as needed. I'm a little unclear on this; this is primarily where I need guidance. I assume if you have flaperons, the radio would reverse one channel while used as an aileron (assuming servos are oriented in the same direction) and not reverse either channel when used as flaps. Correct?
4. I currently have two sets of OrangeRX 6 channel receivers with the satellite receiver. These are the Spektrum compatible units since I need them to work with my DX4e. Obviously, it would be nice to be able to use them with the new radio, but if there is a really compelling reason to go with another vendor (Futaba or Hi-tec), I'd sacrifice those and either resell them or keep my DX4e around to use with them.
5. Because of return policies, reward points, and the fact I'm a Prime subscriber, any radio would be purchased from Amazon. This is one requirement I won't budge on.

So, even though I'm a noob in the hobby, am I jumping the gun with wanting to jump straight to a DX8 or Aurora 9 or should I do an intermediary upgrade to a DX6i first? One one hand, it would be cheaper in the long-term to go with the DX8/A9 right now since I'd be skipping the cost of the intermediary radio and they'd likely have all the features I'd ever want. On the other hand, maybe the DX6i would be sufficient for me for a few years and at the time it wouldn't be, maybe newer and better radios would be out that I'd want to upgrade to anyway even if I got the DX8/A9 now. What do you guys think? If you were in my shoes and had to buy a new radio in the next 2 to 3 months, which radio would you buy?
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