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First, kudos to you and the team for a great event.

I think that your last sentence hit the nail on the head. If you look at the ALES contest rules, it specifies a MOM format with launch altitudes controlled by use of a limiter. What we flew at SSC might be more accurately called a 'Limiter' class since it was flown in an open-winch format.

I think what we saw was how seamlessly and successfully winch and winch-in-the-nose can be integrated into a single event. The question I have been asking myself is how challenging it would be to integrate full MOM ALES and open-winch into a single event.

Here is what I observed at SSC. There were about 15 flight groups lettered A-O with 5-6 pilots in each group. The 9 pilots flying with limiters were mixed among the 15 flight groups.

To fly the 9 ALES pilots in MOM, they could be split into 3 flight groups, say A, F and K, and so when their round is called, all 3 pilots approach the launch corridor and launch simultaneously. The tricky part is that for MOM, the flight groups are shuffled between rounds so a different 3 pilots will be called out for those rounds each full cycle.

The next challenge is that MOM scoring is normalized for each flight group so a decision would need to be made whether a separate scoring system is used.

Another alternative might be to simply group more of the ALES pilots together and encourage them to launch simultaneously so everyone attending has an opportunity to see the MOM format in action.
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