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Hmmm... it was a thought. Maybe it just was a bad tail motor after all.

Well I can say that I am happy with mine again

It may only be a large 3-channel but I am happy with that for now... although
I have read some in this thread (toward the beginning) about the sheer size vs
wind and how it might perform.
I can say that this thing is Wicked Fast for its size and type and it has gotten
away from me a few times and ended up Nose First into a wall, banister, air
conditioner unit, and ground... LOL -- The size vs speed in this case made it
Nose-down in "Kamikaze" fashion and no amount of Reverse would lift the tail.
I really need to be more careful because I don't want to be buying another
one so soon for parts...
I just can't help it - I Like Speed in things like this and watching it go overhead
at full throttle is fantastic!

I still cannot seem to eliminate the Left Drift on takeoff though. Trimming the tail
blades did help some but I can't eliminate it completely. Once it is in the air, it is
fine and when it is at full throttle, it makes seriously Wide turns, near Sideways.

I can't complain much about having to replace the tail motor already... I realize
these little motors don't last that long if certain conditions are present... and since
I did only pay about $56 for it, I can expect some things to wear fast.
I saw a lot of places offering this for around $119 - there is NO WAY I would pay
that - knowing what I know about it now.

I tried something yesterday that didn't quite work out the way I planned...
I have a mini video camera (one of the cheap "Slick" cameras) so I got the
brilliant idea to strap it to the bottom to take Airborne Video...
On a full battery, I was able to lift and go about 10ft up and flew for about 30
seconds before it couldn't stay aloft and I had to land. A little too heavy.
So, I guess I will have to spring for a Micro Wireless camera.

I also have several LED's and one of them blinks Red/Blue so I attached wires
and a plug connector that fits the LED connector on the PCB and now I can fly
at night a little better.
I don't want that one LED as a permanent solution for night flying though...
I want a complete Navigation Light system for it and I saw a few that are nice...
but I have some questions about them...

I posted here Navigation Lights for Heli... HELP!

My questions are mainly about why there is no resistor on the "stock" LED and
how can I attach a light system and use the "stock" battery and PCB connector
instead of having to haul more weight (like an 9V battery).

I want to get as much fly time as I can out of the batteries without having too
much extra drain on them from a full lighting system but what is worse on the
batteries is direct LED's (like the "stock" one and the added one) which will
pull their full 20mA to 30mA from the battery since no resistor is in place on
either of them.
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