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Originally Posted by North_of_49 View Post
Thanks, bro.

Box? You mean that thing my Champ came in that's collecting a layer of dust out in the garage?... Yeah, I use it to store the manual that I've never read

Yeah, I was thinking of doing the large battery mod, until I talked to an acquaintance who had a Champ who told me he'd just take a pocket full of stock sized ones with him which is what I've been doing. I can get 10 minutes out of each one without hitting LVC and I fly 3 or 4 back to back... the motor gets a 20 to 30 second rest while swapping batteries, I figure that's a good idea so I'll probably just keep going this way. And good 150mah lipos are abundant and relatively cheap here locally... if I need one I can have one in 10 mins if my LHS is still open
North, Ditto on the boxes. I bought them to fly outside here. The Champ is pretty sturdy and If you needed to take it anywhere it'd be no problem. My boxes are stacked in the attic with the pile of radios and chargers. Wish they'd sell just the planes - nothing else in the box. I have mine displayed on the wife's collection of cake stands - they fit perfectly!
You did a great job of those wheels with the lug nuts and the addition to the struts. Are they functional support or do the wire ends just stop at the inside of the hub.?
I think I agree that a pocketful of 10minute batteries is fine. The LHS had a deal on 350s for a helicopter for $5 each but after hearing about motor fatigue I'll just sit on them for now.
I know it's off-topic but several of you have other planes and I was wondering if there was a serious drop-in upgrade for the T-28 similar to the performance boost the J-3 motor is for the Ember? Doug says they go through motors and thought I'd be ready with it. Beside, it's been almost a week without buying anything
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