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Hi cashmonkey,

Here is how I started flying heli.

In April, I went to a helicopter flying site, talked to some fliers there, fell in love with this hobby, couldn't sleep!!! :-P , a few days later, bought a second hand helicopter ( Concept SR Kyosho) , then sold it right away in a week later , then bought a Raptor 30 V1 ( gosh...what the hell I was doing at that time, I'm wondering)

Beginning of May, I went back to the flying site, met my instructor, He helped me setting up my helicopter, and began to practice hovering. Then I practice , pratice almost everyday in the park near where I live.

I have a lot of free time so I almost fly everyday, while most of the fliers here can fly only during the weekend. I finished hovering skill in about a week and half.

Then my instructor tried to teach me to fly Eight Firgure ( or Firgure Eight, I'm not sure). But it was horrible! so hard, I couldn't do it, then my instructor changed his mind, he helped me nose in instead, then practice practice with him the whole weekend, by the end of next weekend, ( which was 3 days ago, last Sunday), I could do a nose in take off and fly Eight Firgure ( sometimes when I fly firgure, especially the left turn, it's ugly!)
Anyway, now, I just passed but not master yet, still lots of work to do. :P

My instructor said I learned flying only in 3 weeks, I think It's 4 weeks. Anway, who cares 3 weeks or 4 weeks, I don't mind, as long as I have fun and carefully flying and learning.

Before I started flying in early May, I had played with the simulator for a month, I practiced a lot on the simulator. But when I fly in reality is another story. Don't get me wrong, the simulator does help me a lot!!!

well prepared before getting into this hobby, carefully learning, practice, practice and practice.
so far, it's my experience, hope that I could share with you guys. I will update more if I get more experience. hopefully not a crash!!! lol :-P

Cheers all!
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