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Hi guys,

Report back to you guys.

Right now, I finish nose-in and pass Eight Firgure. :-). My instructor said that I'm a quick learner. I can be on my own now.
So far no crash yet, a friend of mine who is an experience flyer said that crashes will come.

I'm not afraid of crashing my heli at all, I'm ready for it. But I'm still very careful flying, when I'm panic, I said to myself " ok, calm down, control it, get it in hover, get it back landing slowly slowly". Yeah. I agree it sounds crazy but it works for me.

I realise during practice flying, the first tank is the worst performance, but then the second, the third just keep on going better.

To be honest, that's all I want, I don't want to go to 3D flying o aerobatics. My dream is just to fly smoothly my heli, put a scale Jet Ranger and Airwolf in my heli ( with retractable landing gear and NAV Lights) and fly!!!! :P

It looks like I am pretty close to make my dream come true now :P.

Cheers all!!
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