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@Ribble - Sorry, My Bad - I meant to say 8.39v not 8.49v ---
8.4v appears to be quite normal for these as they both test that as soon as they
come off the charger.

I got the new tail unit today and put it on and took it outside for a test flight (about
5 minutes) and... it flies Perfectly now!
I think it actually responds better than the old one with smoother turns and quicker
turn response.

It is about 100 F - 103 F outside here today so I am not going to stay out there
and from what I have know... Batteries don't like high heat (like me) LOL.

I will try a longer flight this evening after it cools off some.

I am quite happy again

So now I guess I have some extra parts to use if need be --
One thing I might try is what I read on another forum --
Since the tail motor housing is solid around the body of the motor, I may drill some
small holes in the casing around the motor body and see if that helps reduce any
overheating possibilities.

The person who tried that says it has let the motor stay cooler and has made it
last much longer than the one they had to replace.

I can't see any way to open the old motor to see what the issue with it could have
been and I don't want to tear it up in case it just needs cleaned or something.

Thanks to everyone for all the help and replies -- I will be back soon with more info
from a longer flight and see if that solved my issue for good.
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