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9116 Transmitter Stick Potentiometers

9116 Transmitter Stick Potentiometers

Those carbon film potentiometers like to have current flowing through the wiper (center connection) instead of operating as a high resistance voltage divider..

Suggest putting 10k resistors from the outer terminals to the center. It won't add current at the center, but will make the places where the potentiometer lose contact look like center stick instead of infinity. As the wiper is moved to the ends, there will be added current and possibly keep the wiper clean.

It will change stick linearity and will have to be tested.

On older V911 transmitters, resistors are added to change the center (mid stick) to have reduced control (exponential).

Forget above. The problem is the encoding, not the potentiometer. The dead spot begins and ends at the same value, it should be different. As if there is a severe exponential at center stick which can only be done by the encoder.
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