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I'm sure you could, but that would be cosmetics only. I'm sure it wouldn't add much strength. I'm not sure it would be all that much lighter than the lightest glass. Dry, domestic tissue is probably comparable to 3/4 oz. glass. Good japanese tissue is about 10 grams per square meter, or about 0.3 oz per square yard. I don't know how much epoxy it soaks up.

Still, this may be a viable approach for doing a nice finish.

There are other kinds of so called "veil" cloth, but I don't know what they're like.

So called carbon tissue is worthless structurally, because, before you add epoxy, it's mostly air. After you add epoxy, it's mostly epoxy. Might be ok for making a nice finish, though. As long as you don't mind lots of conductive sanding dust.

Some time ago I did some testing on wing skin materials with epoxy. Kraft paper and fiberglass cloth were comparable in stiffness to weight (as tested in bending). Carbon tissue was lousy. I'm sure carbon cloth would be great if light enough, and perhaps kevlar as well. I didn't test the latter two. Maybe, if you could get it really light, two or 4 layers of carbon uni would be even better.
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someone told me about tissue.

can it be stuck down with epoxy?

can I treat it like glass and bag it?/
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