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What size vtx and antennae to use on Zephyr?

I'm building up a Zypher II and wondering what antennae and size vtx to mount on it? I'd like to use my current 1258 fpv gear which is comprised of a bluebeam and crosshair antennae and (2) 1258 vrx's. I was thinking of using a 800mW vtx? but not sure what size/power is best. Regarding the antennae, they say the bluebeam whip can go up to 80mph. Maybe that's the one to use? Not sure what other good options I have using a RHCP setup...

I do have my original whip, 8bdi patch and a Vee antennae if that was a better way to go? For the time being, I'll be using a DX8 tx and ar8000 rx so I can't travel too far yet. In the future, I'll do a UHF setup.

Thanks guys,

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