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Originally Posted by Ron101 View Post
I love it!
There is such a lack of airliners out there

I have been in contact with norbert rauch to get the parts for his A330... I'd like to build one for twin dynamax setups...

The rouch part is just the fiberglass parts and foam is $1600, the gear is $800... and you still need to buy all your wood, glue, fiberglass....scratch build it. Then buy all your servos, fans and gear.... your into it $5000 by the time your done

I like airliners, just not sure I like them that much,,,lol

I have flown a bunch of large EDF airliners and what I like about them is the way they fly. At .55-.7 thrust to weight they fly great so they don't need to be overpowered. And no ducting to deal with, just a lip and small thrust tube.The one yesterday weighed 26.5 lbs and has about 15 lbs total thrust. More than enough takeoff and we roll the throttle back to 60% or so for flight.
They are not real CG sensative and land easy, like a trainer jet. Full flaps on final hold your slight nose up attitude and adjust descent with power.
I didn't do any build threads on the PCM 1011's I did last year because I wanted to be sure I could get enough of these models for my requirements. I'm through buying them now so any that come up are available.
I see them from time to time come up for $1500 or so without the turbine but with air retracts, servos, essentially ready to fly less edf's/speed controllers/batteries/flight battery. So for under $3000 and some work you could have one of these. Probably the hardest thing to do is take he 2+ lbs of lead out of the nose the turbine guys put in to get the plane to balance. That and raise the gear for better ground clearance of the nacelles as well and construct the nacelles for EDF since hey were designed to be dummy's.
That NR A330 is huge. There is a video of Peter Michel flying one on Schuebeler HST 94's.
Airbus A330 - RC Jet - Peter Michel (4 min 44 sec)

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