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Sew, I have bolt ropes on the Main, which you knew, and now the fores'l and forestays'l. I'll just be starting the jib today.
I tried making a video of a section of bolt-rope getting sewn, but the angle was bad and every time my hand went by, the camera would refocus, so it was mostly a blur.

I pulled all the reef-points off the main and I'm replacing them with the .0312" oyster Dacron line which is smaller and looks much better.

I've been spinning like a spider making up line. Pride standing rigging was all wire, so it's all smaller diameter than it would have been had it been rope.

The shrouds, fore-stays, and bob-stays will be of the .0625" (4 thread) line.
The topmast shrouds, stays, bowsprit rigging and the rest of the standing rigging, including foot-ropes, etc, will be of the .05" line.
The running rigging will be of the oyster colored stuff in .05" and .0312"

I installed the foot ropes and horses on the tops'l yard. These lines should really be served, but I didn't. I need to rig up a jig for serving. The lower portions of shrouds, strops, and other stuff are wormed, parceled, and served. I don't know that I need to make a machine, but I'll probably make a mini serving mallet and do it the old fashioned way.

I did replace the bit of tubing for the main clew iron with a bit of rod bent into a figure-8 and soldered. That will be much stronger and looks more like the real one. I blacken it and it looked really nice two days ago, but when I picked it up today to take a picture most of the blackening wiped right off. Never saw that before. Oh well, I'll clean it up and try again.

The next thing is making blocks. I need a few with sheaves for the working lines, but I need a boat-load of shells without sheaves for "less-worked" lines.
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