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Originally Posted by markm75 View Post
I thought I read that the #18 has dropped frame issues which are less of an issue with the #11 and #16.. anyone experienced this?
A lot of issues were corrected in the latest #18. I don't have a #18 myself, so I can't compare the three cameras. My only experience with a #18 was when I upgraded my #11 to a #18, but it was awful. However, that was before the latest firmware updates. Also, I don't tend to use my cameras in the dark (bad lighting), which is the only place that dropped frames will occur.

Since all cameras use the same processor (and CMOS lens assembly?), I would expect the dropped frame issue is similar, but not necessarily the same, with all 3 cameras. In normal lighting conditions there is absolutely no problem. It's only in dark conditions that dropped frames can occur. There are reports where people say the #16 has less dropped frames in poor lighting, and then others who say the #11, or #18 are better. I guess it's anyone's guess to which camera performs better in sup-optimal conditions, and it most probably depends on the type of bad lighting condition as well. It should be noted, however, that these cameras come with a small CMOS sensor and lens and are not optimized for poor lighting conditions.

Sorry I don't have a better answer, but it would need someone to objectively compare all three cameras in the same lighting conditions at the same time. Even a test like this wouldn't tell the true story because slightly different lighting conditions may well yield different results.

There have been some pretty impressive videos of thunderstorms and night-life taken with these cameras, but since there was a lot of "light" in the scenes, I don't think the lighting conditions can be correctly described as poor.

Personally, I don't think the number of dropped frames is an issue, even cameras costing much more will struggle in bad lighting. There are many much more important factors to consider before deciding which camera is best.
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