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Originally Posted by Pipemajor View Post
Just like the WWII GI Bill was anti-education; anti-home ownership; anti-small business loans?
Yes, just like that. Subsidies do not make things actually cost less. We can't know that anything which occurred in those programs was actually net gain because the act of subsidy and favoritism distorts the price structure whereever it takes place.

You can argue for it on social grounds all you like, but claiming zero sum practices are a net gain is a loser right out of the gate. Stick to "they won the war, they deserved it" or something. We're not locked into buying garbage economics because the beneficiaries of it served in a war.

Oh yeah, trickle down economics again...
In their actual form, yes. A dollar spent in a State 'jobs' program is either borrowed, inflated, or taken from someone else.

The first option is problematic from a net return point of view at the outset, the second one is destructive to the entire monetary system, and the third merely moves the dollar from the payers grocer's till to the recipient's grocer's till. No 'multiplier', no net gain.
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