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The 747-8, though based on the venerable 747 design, is indeed a whole new aircraft.

The wing is completely new. More modern and efficient than anything else Boeing makes (on line with 787). Mature super critical airflow wing with completely re designed flap system and flight controls. It's fly by wire wing design, though a late comer to fly by wire, is very pilot friendly and is a true aircraft in that the pilot flies the airplane like an airplane vs. imputing "rate" commands like an Airbus. The smart fly by wire technology allows the much larger and heavier 747-8 to fly amazingly like the 747-400 as far as pilots are concerned. The efficiency is indeed amazing. The increased size though does requires very careful operation at airports, as like the A-380, it is now in a new class of size well beyond the traditional 747 and even the 747-400. However, unlike the A380 which is so airport restricted that it can not access most of the worlds airports, the 747-8 is far more flexible and authorized to use considerably more secondary airports than the A380 for alternate and emergency diversion fields. This is a majorly important thing in operation and one area that has hurt the A380 commercially.

The avionics are based on the 787 and surpass anything else beside a 787 in "gee wiz" value and usability. Many safety improvements in terms of flight path planning and control for the pilots have been brought into standard avionics of the 747-8.

The fuselage is a whole lot bigger than the 747-400 with stretch plugs ahead of and behind the wing box.

The engines are a work of art. GEnx "Next Gen" - super quiet, very fuel efficient and a plethora of usable thrust. There is so much power yet they are amazingly efficient on fuel burn and extremely quiet.

The interiors and even the windows are different. The windows are huge. Passengers have not had such big windows since the DC-8, and that's really cool in my book.

With a software update now that actual line experience is building with airlines like Cathay Pacific, Luftansa, etc - the takeoff weights will be raised to right about 1,000,000 pounds.

The 747-8 is truly the "Queen of the Skies" - the apex jetliner borne from the vision of the original 747. It's a beautiful machine with tremendous capability and can be yours for only about 350 Million USD per copy (at time of posting)

Below are some photos of the engines. Pretty cool looking pieces of engineering IMHO.
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