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Originally Posted by Isoprop View Post
Well, this is a #11 thread, but since you are new to these cameras it can be confusing at first. Basically, there are only 3 cameras in the keychain 808 format with a decent HD, 720p, to chose from: #11, #16 and #18. You may find one or two other cameras claiming 720p, but the #11, #16 and #18 are the three most popular 808s available.

Except for the slightly better pricing, the #11 is an old model and is no longer properly supported in the form of firmware updates. The #18 is from the same developer and is based on the #11. Video quality is good, and it video-out. Colors are slightly more saturated (unnatural) than the #16, but some people prefer these colors. The #18 can be configured by loading different firmware versions, but there are currently only 5 versions available. If the configuration you want is available, then you're OK.

The #16 is in a completely different league. Compared to the 5 configuration possibilities of the #18 (in the form of firmware versions), the #16 currently well over 6000 configuration possibilities!! And this doesn't include the choice of AVI or MOV video output, which requires a different firmware. The camera can be configured by using a user-friendly, free, GUI program (Windows only) which also includes an integrated instruction manual.
Colors produced by the #16 are more natural. The current #16 does not yet have video out, but the new hardware version, which is expected to be available any day now, does. A new GUI setup program will be available at the same time. Firmware for the new hardware design is backward-compatible to previous versions, but the video-out will obviously not work on earlier models.
The #16 developer monitors the #16 thread and, if possible, will implement frequently asked for parameters. There is also excellent communication between Tom and the developer.

[Edit] Didn't realize your question had been answered already. Sorry, if my post duplicates previous information. May be useful all the same, so I decided not to delete. [/Edit]
I thought I read that the #18 has dropped frame issues which are less of an issue with the #11 and #16.. anyone experienced this?
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