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Thanks Sully for that amazing lesson. I am in awe by those of you with that kind of knowledge. I guess my brain was never wired for left-brained, technical thinking. (I'm highly right-brained dominate, all the tests I've taken through the years proves it). I admit much of that still goes right over my head but I am beginning to make sense of the overall idea. Thank you so much for taking the time to help clarify something that has always been a big mystery. I have cut and pasted that all into a word doc so I can go back to it down the road, which I most certainly will.

So it seems I'm left with weight versus performance. If I choose a 4S, 4000 40+C battery, it will be able to handle the amp load but not without pushing her into the "Morbidly Obese" category which causes such a problem with hand tossing. I can go 3S, 4000 40+C battery, shave off some ounces but lose out on that extra wattage, which to my understanding is unused horsepower.

One of my fans is cracked, assuming from the impact. I'm also concerned about that electrical smell and smoke. Can LVC cause that and if so, does that mean the internal guts are now compromised? This is why I think I would still like Don to take a look. I need to make sure I can continue to use this setup, get a replacement fan unit and make sure I'm using the RIGHT BATTERY!! (face palm).
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