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Originally Posted by Ribble View Post
Once a motor is a basket case, anything goes to try to get it running properly again, including running it under water. I think that was option one, but I don't remember what the less aggressive method was.

Yes, when a helicopter is falling out of the sky by killing the throttle, my thumb beats my brain with throttle up just before the helicopter hits the ground.

Except this one DH9104 night flight in a snowstorm when it hit a tree at least 50 feet up, couldn't see the DH9104, just heard a loud whack, killed the throttle. Thought the blades exploded from the freezing cold. Had I known it hit a tree I could have restarted on the way down, give some rudder to see the floodlight again, and flown it back instead of crashing. Damn. it was really cold that night.
I think the less aggressive was to simply remove it and take it apart and clean it.

Yeah - bad thing about Brushed motors, the brushes do tend to get dirty faster and sometimes require cleaning.

"Night Flight" - "Snowstorm" - "50 feet up" - "heard a loud whack" - ROFLMAO!!!

Man that is some funny LOL HAHAHA! -- I needed a good laugh thanks

I will tell ya some other crazy stuff I found on the DH9104 on 2 different sites -- I wonder if the Specs varies
depending on the seller?

Site 1: Range About 30m or below
Site 2: Flies over 100m high (and) Up to 275 ft radio control range

Is it 90ft or 275ft or 300ft? -- LOL

Site 1: Transmitter battery 3x1.2V AA(not included)
(edited - this was supposed to be 2x)

Wow! also not included (in the specs) are the other 6 batteries it takes -- LOL
Mine has a removable "Battery Block" that holds 8 AA and AA's are 1.5v (except Rechargeable NiMH are 1.2v)
As a Computer Repair Tech, at least I know what battery voltages are...

Site 1: Full Function 3 Channel RC Forward / backward / up / down / left or right rotation
Site 2: Full function 3 channel radio control (Left /Right, Forward/Backward, Hover, and Lands)


Site 2: Real life helicopter styling

Never saw a real life Heli with a tail rotor long enough to hit the ground!

Site 2: Bright LED head and tail lights!

All of the ones I have seen for sale and the one I have all seem to only come with a Front LED under the nose.

Anyhow - I am awaiting the delivery of my new Tail Unit so I am very bored right now.
All I have to fly are my ExRC Sky Runner and my Ignite Falcon Flyer -- LOL
And they seem to be giving out too -- they won't stay in flight as long as they used to and the batteries (3.7v 15C 150mah) all check out fine.
Ah well, I have other parts for those if need be.
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