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Thanks so much for your help Johns Pop. That webocalc thingo is brilliant (NFZ being suspended is a pain in the bum having to unhide every single one of his great posts, one post at a time!).

I think I have it nutted out. Being on a budget for the next few weeks I made some home job scales with a plank as a seesaw. With the plane on one end and at the other, at the same distance from the center of the plank on a texta, a can of condensed milk, a box of rice flour and some vanilla cake mix balanced quite nicely.... weighs in perfectly at 1069grams dry weight with receiver, servos and esc (no motor, prop or battery).

The motor I am looking at is Turnigy D3548/4 1100KV Brushless Outrunner Motor

I'm after vertical climbs in-case I crash this bad and build a bigger future plane.

Not really sure what ESC to go for so I was thinking a Turnigy dlux 70A SBEC
Only based on I read somewhere its better to have a higer rated Amps ESC than the what the motor (50A) wants. Correct??? Would you suggest something else?

Then this finally brings me to the battery. Just taking stabs in the dark at what i think is ok, but i am going to go with is ZIPPY Flightmax 2650mAh 5S1P 45C

I still have my 10x5 prop which I hope is ok. I cant go any bigger or it will scrape the ground. I can always goto the local shop and get a smaller one if you recommend it.

This brings my AUW to around 1670grams. Am i overpowering it way too much? I don't mind it fast. I want to do FPVs later.

I'll attach the webocalc screen too.

Chris or Clean any recommendations?

Thanks again
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