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Had two fully charged packs that didn't get flown at the field, so I put them on the MPA, went to storage charge preset, I think it was set at 5.00A discharge, I did choose 2P in parallel and launched it to discharge.

These were parkzone 1300 3s packs, decently used.

After about 10 minutes it beeps that it's done. I disconnect the batteries and then test them with my little 3 in 1 meter, and get readings for each cell in the 3.96-3.97 range for all 3 cells on both packs.

Does this indicate that these packs may be weakened, and sagging under load so that they hit storage voltage more quickly than expected, then the voltage bounces back slightly after the load is removed?

I had another used pack seem to go weak on me at the field, the plane seemed to lose significant oomph in a circuit with no change in wind pattern that I could discern.

I'm strongly considering replacing these 3 used packs, if sagging and weak current is going to be an issue.

Am I right in my guess or is it something else?
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