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Originally Posted by boulier1 View Post
I did read not only the first 5 posts but the first hundred pages. Nothing related specifically to #3, none of the instructions worked, there is no red led, the camera powers up in photo mode NOT video. By chance I found Chucks web site...neat, concise and to the point. Immediately I was able to ascertain I had
#3's, got info on the YELLOW led and instructions on how to operate as well as how to fix the charging problem, replaced diode and it works. And no I did not ask for nor did I expect a warm welcome. And I did thank the only one to help and understood my frustration.
Well done !
You turn up on a thread that has no relevance whatsoever to your camera.
Complain about all the B.S posts and then expect assistance. I guess you regard them as B.S because they don't cover your problem and why would they? The thread title states it's about the No11 camera. So it's our fault that you don't know what you bought ?

A little research would have thrown up Chuck's site but, hey, why go to the trouble of searching properly. Much easier to jump into something not related to your problem and then whinge about it.
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