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Electrifly Super Sportster EP

I decided to deviate from plan building for a change, and after much research settled on this little plane as an early birthday present to myself. It would seem to be recommended as a good second plane after a trainer, but a decent aerobat as well. As such, it should be a good replacement for my venerable foam stick as a regular club flyer, and should hopefully see me through my next rating or two.

So far its a well made plane, with very pleasing lines. Sure - not everything fits 100% absolutely perfectly, but then it is mass produced,and I have absolutely no complaints thus far.

The size is also good - easy to transport, but a little larger than my parkflyers. We'll see, but I hope to be able to fly it in the park as well.

So far its progressing most enjoyably. The reviews suggest it can be built in a night or two, and this is undoubtably correct, but I am taking a lttle time over some parts. After all, hopefully it will be flying for a couple of years, so an extra hour or two now can't do any harm In some areas I am also used to doing things a bit differently, and so my build order is also a little different.

Finished photos wil be posted when its all together, but it will probably only be flight ready later in the week.

01.08.2012 She's finished Just need a itle more lead to balance her, and it will be maiden time. The power seems outrageous too
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