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What happend ff?

Is there anything we can help with? I know the feeling of wanting to quit helis, in fact when my 500 crashed last week the thought of selling all my helis, except the superV400, and just go back to flying around the park crossed my mind. I was pretty pissed for the rest of that day, but after my wounds healed and i thought about how far i've come and what it took to get here, i decided to keep on pushing away at it.

Most of the time its a simple setup problem that is overlooked, or in my case, electrical system failure that is the cause of all the frustration. Once these things have been overcome, the good days will out weigh the bad. I was on top of the world when my 500 made 10 flights without any problems, and i want to get that feeling back.

We are here to help. Just ask away...
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