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Originally Posted by reacher10 View Post
Binding has nothing at all to do with the FW in the radio. It will bind as per the instructions for your Frsky Rx/module.

Did you re-route the pins on the Atmega64 processor? If so, then with the Er9 Frsky Fw installed your throttle and aileron switches should work. If they do not work then those two wires have a problem or you didn't re-route them..

The Rs232 wiring could be the problem.

It seems you have a good grip on what needs to be done so I would start checking everything with your multimeter.

However, none of that matters unless your Rx is bound.

Rx is bound properly, Aircraft flies just fine with the current setup, i just don't get any telemetry data across. Both the throttle and aileron switches work, as i have them tied to trainer and dual rates (respectively). I guess i will have to just re-solder the connections on the smartieparts and sparkfun boards, as i just don't know what else it could be.... Thanks for your help
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