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Yeah of course it was tested, almost 2 years ago now. I set up the ARC2858-1 in my Extreme ALLOY 70mm Wemo fan on 6s, 87 amps to hold 2.5kg thrust and it could do it sustained. At the time velocity was promoting their 70mm fan and motor as doing 2.5kg thrust as well, difference was theirs pulled 108A on 6s to do it and could only do it as burst, not sustained. Mine did it with 20A less.

I used one of my LIGHTNING 80A ESC's in this setup, tough ESC running at over 80A continuous and no airflow over it for the test. In a model the ESC ran ok inside the inlet ducting, and if outside we used the Platinum PRO 100A.

I used the same fan unit for destructive testing, ran it up on 8s packs with a LIGHTNING 100A-HV ESC, it was on a flat sled test stand facing a brick wall and no way I was going to stand next to it with a camera.

First run I took it up till the stand showed 3kg thrust, it was pulling 2470 watts and spinning at 65,220rpm.
Second run I took it to WOT and it showed 3.6kg thrust, was pulling 3320 watts and the E-meter clocked out around 73K or so, Hyperion couldnt keep up with the fan.

Ran this test again and once it hit WOT it went booom. I have a feeling if I had clearanced the rotor some more it might have held on for a few runs, but the point was not to see if it would fly on 8s, it was to find the rotors failure point. Unfortunately I didnt hit log on the meter before doing it, but end of the day its a mute point as there is no way anyone would run the Minifan up to this level as its a dangerous practice and I do not advise nor condone it. Test fans at your own risk.
Ok. And I believe in the EDF tooth fairy.
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